Holiday Time: Port Douglas and Noosa!

Just arrived back to Adelaide after a week off and had a brilliant time away! After a rocky start (cancelled flights, delays etc) we ended up heading off to Cairns to visit Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation. We were supposed to be going to Uluru on Saturday for the night but because of delays and cancelled flights have rescheduled for July.

Arrived up to Port Douglas and woke up the next day to glorious sunshine, big difference from the very cold weather we are having in Adelaide at the moment. Lovely little town with a pretty main street, great restaurants and a lovely waterfront and beach. Had a very relaxing day. With a recovery day done all ready to head up to Cape Tribulation. Stopped off at Mossman Gorge and spent most of the day there. Really interesting. We went swimming in a the river that comes down from the mountains through the Daintree Forest (ie absolutely freezing!). Was really fun and pretty spectacular to be swimming in a river in one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Had a walk around the walkways through the Daintree at that part and then had booked a guided tour called the Dreamtime walk. It was a great way of getting a bit more information and history, particularly of the local Aboriginal community and their customs. The girl who took us round was from that area and her family organised the local talks/tours etc. Was really worthwhile. After this we headed up to Cape Tribulation. To get there you have to cross the river  and then drive along the coast over some pretty rocky roads. Found the place eventually (Thornton Beach) where we had booked a shack on the beach for the night through AirBnB. The guy who met us, Drew, was really friendly and warned us not to go swimming on the beach because of the crocodiles. Unfortunately earlier that week a woman had been killed on that beach by a crocodile so the village was pretty shaken by the whole event. It really was a very beautiful place with the backdrop of the rainforest behind the beach and the water looked so inviting for a swim, you could see how someone could easily be tempted to go for a swim. Had a bite to eat and early night after having a look at the spectacular stars up there, amazingly clear.

Next day we explored a little more of Cape Trib and went to find a swim hole further north. Got a little spooked after trekking through the jungle by ourselves and unable to find it but bumped into a couple who were also looking for it and found it. Beautiful! Like a little hidden paradise or something out of “The Beach”. Was also freezing but really fun and right in the middle of the rainforest with fresh water fish swimming around (this part of the river too cold for the crocs!). We went to head back down to Port Douglas and stopped at a few board walks along the way which led to several very pretty beaches. Before hopping back across on the boat towards Port Douglas we stopped at the Discovery Centre which resulted in some spilt coffee, lots of mozzie bites and a quick exit, not the best part of the trip! Got back to Port Douglas and went out for a lovely dinner to a little Italian bistro.

On the road back to Cairns for a flight to Brisbane, just about made it after some quick manoeuvering. Picked up car in Brisbane an headed for Noosa where Andrew had pretty much booked an eating-fest for three days. We had hired an AirBnB which was a little out of town (a hilly 2.5km walk) but was a great little spot and suited us fine. Went for a walk on beach, some cocktails and then headed up to Laguna Lookout to watch sunset which was spectacular. Had dinner booked in this very fancy Japanese restaurant which was delicious and highly entertaining (had a few very odd couples around!). Next few days were really total relaxing time. Lots of lovely food, few glasses of wine, relaxing on the beach and lots of reading. It was exactly what we needed. After feeling very refreshed we finished up our holiday yesterday and arrived back to Adelaide last night. It was a great holiday and a brilliant mix of relaxing and exploring! Can’t wait for the next one, which we starting organising last night. Have a few nights away this weekend with friends and then we are going to Perth for a few nights and Margaret River to go wine tasting and whale watching in Western Oz. Having lots of fun still and not long until we are home now. Trying to make the most of every mintue!


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